5 Things every newbie should consider before buying a rowing machine

Although rowing machines have become a popular mode of exercise, there are a lot of aspects you have to keep in mind before taking one as your regular rowing machines. With several types of rowing machines available in the modern day, it is a difficult task to choose the perfect rowing machine for you and requires a lot of thinking on your part.


So to make your decision a little easier, we have made a list of characteristics which you need to consider before buying a rowing machine:


This is probably a no-brainer and the most important aspect while deciding to buy any equipment. You need to make a conscious decision of how frequent are you going to use your rower and for what kind of exercise and then go for a range which fits your budget.

If you are one of those occasional, light workout people then it would be best to go for a low budget machine but if you need a whole lot of features and are a regular rower, then you could probably spend a little more and buy a high-end make. Making the most out of your investment rests in your hands.


Probably one of the most important aspect while going for any fitness equipment is to ensure that it is a well-known brand which offers you with a set of value-added services which include installation and delivery of the machine.

A quality brand will not only provide you with a high-quality machine but it will also provide you with many after sales services and maintenance activities. Great after-sales service would ensure that you made the right investment after all.  Here’s what you can do on your part to maintain your rower.


Size and Comfort

Now, this is an important factor in deciding whether a rowing machine is suitable for you or not. If you have one of those big homes and space is not an issue for you, then you could go ahead and buy any of the rowers, it wouldn’t matter. But if you have a small house or there is a space issue, then you would need to look for models which are portable and easy to fold and store.

Also, make sure that the model which you buy is comfortable for you and doesn’t result in any back pains or other injuries because you would be spending a lot of time on this machine and you don’t want it to be doing more harm than good. Make sure that the foot straps and seating are good and flexible and aren’t uncomfortable because this might pose a problem for you in the regular run.


Now, this is the most important detail and needs to be contemplated very smartly. There are 4 types of resistance available: air-resistance, water-resistance, magnetic-resistance and hydraulic resistance. You need to decide what level and how difficult a workout do you need which would enable you to choose the right machine.

If you would like a full body workout and want the manual resistance for your workouts, you could go for air or water resistance models as these provide you with natural resistance and make up for a challenging workout. But if you are looking for easily adjustable resistance and mostly arm workouts, then you should go for magnetic or hydraulic resistance models as they provide you with the required functionalities.


Finally, the last thing which you should think about before finalizing a make and model is what kind of extra features you would require during your workouts. Would you need an easy to read LCD screen to display your heart rate, time, distance, etc.? Or if you require a machine which comes with training programs which you need for your workouts?

Ask yourself all these questions and then decide on a rowing machine which provides you with the extra features suitable for your own need. If you are happy with a basic model, then you don’t need to consider this at all and you can gladly skip this step.


Here’s how you configure your rowing machine for exercise

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