5 Tips for a Killer workout your trainer won’t tell

Your workout isn’t just about your diet, or the weights you’ve been lifting or your supplements. It’s a combination of it all. Each element plays an equally important role and any lack of focus or misjudgment can lead to an imbalance which in turn results in average workouts or even a rut. If you’ve got that rut feel here’s what you can do improve and kick ass once again.

Get up, get moving

Believe it or not, most workouts end even before they begin. Confused?  Well waking up after a 2-3 hour sleep will only result in a wasted day at the gym. While your diet, lifestyle etc. everything plays an important role sleep remains a priority.

It’s only during sleep that the body undergoes recovery and release of hormones that instigate growth and development. Shut out the distractions, find the most comfortable of the mattress and get a good sleep.


Always warm up

Well, it’s not something you’d get too thrilled about at first but trust me it’s as crucial as any of your upcoming weight or cardio exercises as it helps set a strong base and gets the blood moving. There are plenty of ways to warm up.

Dynamic stretches are often the most recommended form but you can also opt for some light cardio such as cycling, rowing using a concept2 rower, jogging. Just avoid static stretches as it lowers performance levels. Here are some dynamic stretches to try.


Find the right partner

If you’re looking for a workout partner my suggestion would be you ‘look up’ i.e. find someone better and stronger than you. No, it need not up to the big guy next to you. It can even be your friend that started few months ahead.

With the right person at your sides, you’ll be able to pull of the extra reps and sets, get on hand tips and corrections, pull off a new move etc.

Find your motivation mantra

Believe it or not, the gym itself can be both a motivation as well as a demotivation. Watching the guys lifting tons of weight, do stuff you’d have never imagined can be intimidating at first and that’s why staying motivated is important.

It need not be confined just to your looks or clothes or your trainer, that’s a recipe for disaster. Music is a super-agent. Grab onto anything that keeps on your toes and yet happy.


A good pre-workout diet

Well, sooner or later it all had to come down to your diet. After all, those big guns are made not just built at the gym but cooked in the kitchen too and the most important meal you’ll have is right before you hit the weights and machines.

These meals should be high in carbs and proteins. So grab onto some chicken, fish or even oats and have it 25-30 mins before you begin. Don’t leave it too late or too early, timing is important.

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