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Guest Post Guidelines

You probably read our story before you decided you wanted to be one of the guest post writers on the site. And in case you didn’t, we are a bunch of fitness freaks and fitness experts together all ready to help you get fit by providing you with the best information and help you need for workouts and the right type of diets that will suit you.

Now, before you begin writing a post for us we have certain things you should know before you get going.

Our blog needs to be very informative and specific; the posts should help people understand things that cannot be found on every other blog.

Guest Post Requirements

Before you read further, you should know that the right to refuse to publish a post or remove it lies solely with Primal Fitness Pittsburgh. The right to edit and change your content according to the needs of the website lies with our editorial team. Thus, make sure your post meets our quality standards.

You as author or the post, are responsible for quoting a third party, thus make sure you give due credits for attributions and avoid plagiarism at all times. We will know when you copy someone’s work, and we will refuse it and you will not be allowed to submit again in the future.

You are allowed to include an author bio with only two links to your work.

While we do have a word limit of about 1500 words, but if your work has the right kind of content then we let you exceed the limit, but if we feel that the content is not interesting, we will edit it and fit it according to our word count.

Add images, because it breaks the monotony of your post as well as decreases our work to look for pictures according to your posts. While you add pictures in your document, do send them separately too, so that we can add them while publishing your post.

Do not try to promote any company or person, or writer reviews through the post, we won’t publish it and that will be a waste of your hard work. Make sure your post does not spark an unnecessary debate amongst individuals on the ground of caste or religion.

Ours is a platform that informs and educates people. We are not interested in things of the past, we are looking for posts that talk about new trends, new things coming up, what do people prefer now. We want new, we are not here to sit while you talk about how running on a treadmill will help or that green tea will help lose weight. We want you to talk about new diets, and new workouts, things that will help our audience in knowing about things that they would really want to know.

To submit a guest post you can write to us at

We want exclusivity, we want originality.